Imran says Waziristan people to provide security as march crosses


Over 1,000 people who had on Saturday departed from Rawalpindi and Islamabad under the leadership of Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan for the peace march toward South Waziristan had just left Talagang, with Rikhi as its next stop.
Moreover, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government had decided to provide security to the march until its stay in Tank.
Earlier Saturday, the march had left Islamabad for the anti-drone march towards the northwestern tribal region.
Speaking to media representatives prior to departing for South Waziristan’s Kotkai town, Khan said the people of South Waziristan would provide security to the peace rally.
The PTI chief said he was leading the march for peace against US drone strikes and that his party’s rally should not be stopped from proceeding.
Moreover, at least 30 anti-drone campaigners from the United States were taking part in the march which began from Islamabad Saturday morning.
Khan said the government wanted to stop the peace rally but the people of South Waziristan were going to provide security to it.
He said the government’s policy on US drone attacks was dubious and that Interior Minister Rehman Malik was trying to scare people away from participating in the rally.
Khan said attempts were being made to sabotage the march, adding that, the rally was only aiming for peace and he had no intention of initiating a fight with any group.
The PTI chief said the Taliban had no intention of attacking the rally.
At the Balkasar interchange near Chakwal, hundreds of supporters carrying green and red PTI banners gathered in hot sunshine to welcome Khan and the convoy of around 100 jeeps, buses and cars.
Party workers in “Cornered Tigers” T-shirts — a reference to Khan’s inspirational talk to Pakistan before their 1992 World Cup victory — formed a human chain round his 4×4 to clear a path through a scrum of media and well-wishers.
Akhtar Syal, 63, from Sarghoda in Punjab, told AFP he had joined the protest because drones were destroying lives.
“It is a great thing that Imran Khan has raised his voice against it, so I am going to make his voice stronger and join him in this noble cause,” he said.


  1. The march, if it is permitted to go ahead, will not reach the heart of the drone-hit area. But it will have registered the message that drones kill even those who are non-combatant. Will Mr. Khan organize another march against Pakistan Taliban who are an Indian proxy and foreign terrorists living on Pakistani soil who invite drone attacks and who are responsible for instability of the entire region, is a question agitating thinking minds? Read more at:

    • Pakistan's classical problem (created by the corrupt politicians and delusional people) Blame everything on 'foreign hand'' ….there may be some involvement of 'foreign hand' but that is not the way to solve our problems…are we that much hopeless that everything we will blame on foreign hands and not do anything ourselves. If Pakistan as a nation is so weak that we cannot control so called 'foreign hand' into our territory then we don't deserve to be a nation….lets wake up and make some effort and might as well join this historic peace march and fight against the corrupt politicians.

    • This is Pakistan for your kind information there is no worth of what you really want to register in front of foreign forces but yes it matters how leadership plan love games with these western forces.So game is done here in GHQ Rawalpindi or CIA offices in USA or may be in Dubai or In Saudi Bases such kind of public pressure just make headlines for week and then it would be pasted on newsletter of PTI and will be repeated again and again as his sign of bravery in typical army controlled areas. So khan shaihb just making this rang bazi to impress the locals and some how foreign press it give no pressure to those military heads who are basically responsible of such attacks since 2004.

  2. Imran will be the key if pak pak gain prosperity and happiness .we hope he will do the same what he said it is bcaz of what he has said in the past he has done it bravely not on one occasion 5 or 6 times he has done the same what he said to do .inshallah

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