Taliban warn Imran Khan of anti-drone rally


While terming Imran Khan’s rally to South Waziristan “a mere drama”, the Taliban have warned Tehrik-e-Insaaf Pakistan not to go ahead with the rally or face music.
According to media reports, the Taliban have distributed a pamphlet in Tank, the gateway to South Waziristan, and termed Imran Khan as an agent of the United States, Britain and Israel and alleged that the cricketer-turned-politician is politicizing the issue and has no sympathy for the poor tribesmen. Interestingly, the pamphlet has been issued from an unknown Taliban group Jaish-ul-Mujahedeen-al-Khilafat.
Imran Khan’s party is planning to lead a convoy from Islamabad to South Waziristan on October 7 to protest against US drone strikes and has said that no one could stop the peace march, adding that Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari would be directly responsible for any untoward situation.
The one-page pamphlet, written in Urdu, was distributed in Tank Bazaar on Thursday night. It said, “We inform all and sundry with humble way that Imran Khan/PTI is taking a rally into South Waziristan with a slogan of anti-drone. (He has no sympathy with the tribesmen) actually it is a drama and he is the agent of Israel, US and Britain. On the politics of drone he is promoting the Jewish and agendas of Christianity (in Pakistan).”
The pamphlet further added, “We humbly request the people not to participate in this rally otherwise Imran Khan would be responsible if something unpleasant happens.”T


  1. whatsoever we must go INSHALLAH and obviously ALLAH knows better than anyone, so that's a peace march n we will go n GOD will protect us.

  2. first time I heard about this Group I think it is mostly likely Rehman Malik sponsored Group of Terrorists .

  3. Oh come on…everyone knows Im the Dim is really going there to pick up his annual supply of hashish

  4. TTP needs to be eliminated from pakistan otherwise them mental freaks are gonna f*ck up the whol country

  5. who do not want IK to go with the journalists to Waziristan are the one sending these messages…. The one who do not want world to know about the civilians casualties….

  6. May Allah save the rally and all it's contributors and the convoy and make it successful in the face of this present govt. and it's allies.

  7. Of course, Imran Khan is an agent of America & Jews. Even his sons are being brought up by a family which is half Christian and half Jew. He himself received his sprawling 300 kanal Islamabad estate from his divorced wife. Still, he talks of ghairat.

  8. Inshallah Tiger along with his hundreds of thousands of his followers- the distribution of pamphlets are the work of anti-pti lobby who are afraid of the rising popularity of imran khan.i think nothing is more precious than life -if khan takes this risk it shows that he is sincere to his country and nation otherwise we have seen other politicians who cant dare come out of their homes then going to waziristan.my whole family is engaged in making preparation for the rally in tank and waziristan despite all visible threats but Inshallah will will stand by him and make it Safe INSHALLAH.

  9. the only people who dont want pti to go for this march is the pakistani government….regardless of what, we should all participate in this march…this is a battle to save this country….and PakistanToday…this was another attempt by you for your anti-pti article…and you can clearly tell by the substance of this article that there is nothing behind this from taliban….as pakistanis we are all suspicious and the credibility of your news agency is highly in question….

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