PML-N has rendered Punjab bankrupt: Elahi


The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has rendered Punjab bankrupt with its five years of loot and plunder and it can never compete with the PML-Q’s welfare-oriented, ideal services, PML-Q senior central leader and Deputy Prime Minister Pervaiz Elahi said on Thursday. Talking to reporters after briefing PML-Q President Shujaat Hussain and party workers from all provinces, Elahi said the Sharif brothers had given nothing but deprivations and disappointments to the people.
He said the media and the people were witness to the fact that many of the PML-Q’s projects and plans for the welfare of the people had been “made victim of the Sharif brothers’ ego and their vested interests”, adding, “We will again put Punjab back on the path of prosperity and progress through our development works.” Earlier, detailed consultations regarding the general elections, seat adjustment, by-elections and other matters of national importance were held and all participants fully expressed their views.
A fact sheet, along with proof of welfare-oriented works undertaken in various sectors in Punjab during the PML-Q tenure from 2002 to 2007, was also released.
Elahi said the booklet not only gave a brief review of the development and welfare oriented works in Punjab but also talked about the party’s future roadmap.
He said his party’s destination was a prosperous, developed, and stable and strong Punjab as a strong Punjab would guarantee a stable and developed Pakistan
“During our tenure in 2007, the growth rate in Punjab was 8 percent and Pakistan’s on the whole was 7. 3 percent,” adding that today the growth rate in the province had come down to just 1. 8 percent, and the overall growth rate of Pakistan had also decreased to just 3.4 percent.
The deputy prime minister said it was a matter of great regret that the self-centered rulers of Punjab had made the province a victim of corruption, nepotism, and egoism, adding that promotion of vested interests and profiteering had caused growth in the province to decline.
Elahi said criminals were freely roaming the streets under the patronage of the current rulers, helpless people were becoming victims of thieves and dacoits, billions of rupees of the public’s money had been wasted in flop schemes like Tandoor Scheme, Food Stamp Scheme, Ashiana Housing Scheme, Daanish Schools Scheme, Green Tractor Scheme and now the Metro Bus Scheme was wreaking havoc with the citizen’s lives.
He said it was the PML-Q’s solemn pledge and promise to the people of Punjab and of the entire Pakistan that after success in 2013 general elections, “we will make Pakistan a prosperous, strong and stable and will accelerate the pace of development in all sectors in a dedicated and committed manner”.


  1. non=sense statement by pervaiz elahi.why vice prime minister post is created for opportunists only to encourage and forced them to go in the open streets and bark loudly against only shehbaz and nawaz sharief only.perhaps he also dreams in the night as well as in the day light to get chance of becoming president of the country and fully utilises their energy and sources to bark agaisnt PML n only in return they will be benefitted more,more more and more and big big plazas and banglas will be offered in lahore in posh areas only cheap and nominal cost for Chaudhry families only.more in Punjab the ppp has also sent its people to do and play bad and dirty politics at all cost.Is it the spirit of Democracy NO no

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