Nepal promotes army officer accused of war crimes


An army colonel accused of overseeing widespread torture during Nepal’s decade-long civil war has been promoted to general in a move condemned by rights groups on Friday.
Announcing the decision to make Raju Basnet a brigadier general, the government said that allegations against the battalion he commanded would be investigated by a special commission looking into all war-time abuses.
“At the time he was a responsible officer representing the state… We should not single him out,” Information Minister Raj Kishore Yadav told reporters.
Basnet was the commander of the Bhairabnath Battalion in 2003 when his soldiers allegedly tortured suspected Maoists guerrillas and their sympathizers, some of whom were never seen again after being detained.
The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human rights (OHCHR) reported in 2006 that it had received “consistent, credible and corroborated” testimony of arbitrary detention, torture and 49 disappearances at a Kathmandu army base where the battalion was based.
Local rights activists condemned the promotion, saying that it would “institutionalize impunity”.
“The human rights groups of Nepal have repeatedly urged the government to punish Basnet for his grave human rights abuses,” said Subodh Raj Pyakurel of the Informal Sector Service Center, one of the country’s main rights organisations.
Rights groups also reacted angrily last month to the appointment of a new national police chief, who is being investigated over the killing of five students during the civil war.
More than 16,000 people died in the conflict between Maoist rebels and government forces which ended in 2006. More than 1,000 are still missing.

There are allegations of killings and torture on both sides, and rights groups say little has been done to bring justice to victims and their families.


  1. Dear All ! The brigadier General Raju Basnet is not a criminal. Yes ! Basnet was the commander of the Bhairabnath Battalion in 2003. He is a sincere and honest Army officer. He had fulfilled his duty according to the rule and regulation of Nepalese Army. The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human rights (OHCHR) is always biased on Nepal Army. Since 2007, UNMIN and OHCHR have been supporting the Maoist demoralizing the Nepal Army.. And then, we never support the reports and fallacious statements.
    The Maoists turned out to be a dangerous monster– who murdered thousands of Nepalese in name of so-called people’s war; demolished billions worth of national infrastructures; slaughtered cows; vandalized temples; wiped out the vermillion on a Hindu woman’s forehead and her marital symbol Pote (a necklace worn by married Hindu woman). He ordered the killing of independent journalists; funeral rites-sons (Kriyaputri), vandalized Prithvinarayan Shah’s statues; annulled the provision of celebrating national unity day .
    The source of manipulation of the two senior Maoists– Prachanda and Baburam Bhattarai is clear as a destructor before everyone. In spite of such clear facts we must question why NC and UML are busy acting in sycophantic way to the Maoists. They have also become Indian cards. Will the nation find a solution when such contractors are bent on preventing the nation from progressing? The crow will never become white by bathing. A donkey will not transform into a cow by bathing. Should we or should we not call them traitors who bargain off the nation for money and position? Nepal faces such a plight for failing to bring these traitors to people’s trail. The nation must be able to take action against such corrupt traitors in time.
    The Maoist and international Org. are never supporting for the goodness of Nepal. So, the promotion of Raju Basnet is appreciated for all. We extend thanks and congratulation to Raju Basnet for his prosperous and successful life in future.
    Thank you.
    Dirgha Raj Prasai
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