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BPSC chief’s wife, daughters heading schools with fake degrees

As the probe against Balochistan Public Service Commission (BPSC) Chairman Muhammad Ashraf Magsi continues, investigators have revealed that the chairman’s wife and daughters were holding fake degrees for key positions in schools. Media reports had earlier disclosed massive irregularities in BPSC, following which the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) initiated investigations into the scandal. The investigations revealed that the chairman’s wife and his two daughters were holding fake degrees, and were serving as head mistresses at various schools of the province. NAB is continuing with its investigations during which more disclosures about irregularities in commission are expected.

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  1. NISAR KAKAR said:

    corruption was made last year, too. The posts of Tehsildar were sold at the rate of 30 lakh per post. I want this also, to be investigated.

    • KHAN KAKAR said:

      to write a comment on blank page is not a MARAANA ,but to move your body for some work and for achieving your goal that is a "MARAAN"…

  2. Malick said:

    It seems jobs in the tenure of this regime are for sale only, not on merit. This is what happened in PIA, OGDC, PSM, KPT etc

  3. Ijaz Ahmad said:

    Corruption was made jun 2012, too. The posts of Lecturer Agriculture Soil Science were sold. I want this also, to be investigated.

  4. faiz MARRI said:

    no any corruption is present in bpsc it is just beceuse chairman is a baloch corruption is also present in butims and other deptt where is nab in these place

  5. zafar raisani said:

    chairman should resign and bpsc must restore its functions as precious time of many aspirants is being wasted.every body knows that subjudicious matters spoil lot of public time.

  6. KHAN KAKAR said:

    nisar kakar shb i do agree with your statement as well as with Mr ijaz ahmed shb,but if you have a little" ghairat " than come forward and proof thz thing .if you didn't proof thz thing than i am going use and quote the same statement which i use every where that PATHAN have so CALLED GHAIRAT….ghar bait karr yay baty karna asaan hai…waiting 4 U kakar shb…

  7. maheen ali said:

    MARRI ….NAB itself is the name of corruption,jitna corruption NAB may hota hai wo kisi aur dept may nae hota

  8. khizer said:

    last few years it has been observed that commission posts are only given to local people such as Pathan;s and Baloch on the basis of tribe i would like that this matter may also investigate

  9. khan kakar said:

    khizar kutty tum tou yaha say baago,jaky apny vich job dundo…..

  10. Asadullah said:

    Please re check all the papers during the periode of th chairman ship of BPSC i would like that this two yearsr may also investigate by hounarable department NAB and media

  11. syeda fasiaha said:

    kindly annunc the final result of s.o. requesting nab

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