SC takes notice of Raja Riaz’s allegations


Supreme Court has taken notice of Raja Riaz’s allegations over CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif regarding CM’s dual nationality.
Raja Riaz had accused Shahbaz Sharif of carrying dual nationality, while talking to media in his (Raja Riaz) chambers on Thursday, and had also stressed that Chief Election Commissioner should also investigate this instance of Shahbaz Sharif’s dual nationality; disqualifying Shahbaz Sharif like others.
Taking notice of these allegations of Raja Riaz, the Apex Court has decided to summon both parties to witness stand on 17th Oct, alongwith editors of various publications in their personal capacity, for publishing these allegations of Raja Riaz.


  1. A uniquely good step in the right direction. I think Shahbaz Sharif did not stay in this country (UK) long enough to be given a right of stay leading to nationality, I may however be wrong. They could have used the investment route to gain first the right to stay and then nationality. They initially used Qazi family of illford East London for their business purposes. The matter is worth investigating.

    Rehman Malik has all the information. He did two documentaries on Channel 4 back in 1998 on Sharifs' money trail.

    Bilawal Zardari has lived long enough in the UK with his sisters to enjoy residential status and European Nationality. Besides, like Sharifs these individuals could have used their ill acquired financial status to gain residential status. He may have been shouting about dual nationality in US driven by self-preservation.

  2. A drama being played by SC to cover its clear bias against govt. Why not SC takes notice on Hadybia Paper Mills case in which proofs are cear for a long time.

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