Are Shah Rukh, Priyanka hiding their renewed friendship?


Not so long ago, when rumours about the growing closeness between Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra started doing the rounds, King Khan, on his wife’s diktat perhaps, started maintaining a healthy distance from PC. The two, who got along famously, started avoiding each other and even refused to comment about each other. In fact, SRK and Gauri’s entire group of friends gave PC the cold shoulder, allegedly on Gauri’s behest who was not at all comfortable with their bonding. That was a few months back. Things clearly seem to be changing now. After giving a superb performance in ‘Barfi!’, when Priyanka was asked how she prepared for the role of an autistic girl, Priyanka gave due credit to King Khan. PC, who had given measured answers all this while about Khan tweeted. “Also thank you SRK for lending me all your My Name is Khan research, you gave me perspective on Jhilmil..owe you another always(sic).” And now SRK seems to be reciprocating the warmth and love, that too on public platform. The superstar congratulated Priyanka on the release of her debut single ‘In My City’ as the song got included on the top 100 list on itunes. SRK chided PC for a discount on the album and wished her good luck on her debut album. But strangely enough deleted the tweet later. Priyanka too, on her part, after thanking SRK, quietly deleted the post. While they are back to talking terms is quite evident, but what baffles us is the fact that they still want to hide their friendship from the world. If they took to a social networking site to wish each other, why was there a need to delete the posts later?