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TIP reminds Hafeez about HBFC MD’s ‘illegal hiring’

Transparency International Pakistan (TIP) has sent its first reminder to Finance Minister Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh about what it calls a “serious complaint” against the alleged “illegal appointment” of Azhar Abbas Jaffery, a foreign national, as the managing director of House Building Finance Corporation (HBFC) and accused him of financial irregularities.
The letter referred to the TIP’s previous letter written on April 23, 2012 to the minister about the serious complaint against the alleged illegal appointment of Azhar Abbas Jaffery, who the TIP claims did not possess Pakistani nationality and conducted financial irregularities, but no reply or clarification was given by the minister.
The letter, signed by TIP adviser Adil Gilani, also has annexed copies of two letters recently issued to the HBFC secretary and managing director by Ministry of Finance on August 15 and September 14.
The TIP questioned the continuation of Jaffery as the HBFCL MD after completion of his three-year term that ended on January 5, 2012, and said the continuation was against the law.
“The matter is also in a court of law (Islamabad High Court),” the letter added.
“The terms and conditions of his (Jaffery’s) appointment as the managing director for three years will not automatically apply for the period beyond completion of his three-year term i.e January 5, 2012,” the letter said, adding that the HBFCL board of directors and its sub-committee were non existent.
Moreover, the three-years tenure of HBFCL MD already expired in January 2012 and had not been extended, and due to his Singaporean nationality, the appointment of Jaffery had become controversial at various forums, the TIP said.
“It seems the Ministry of Finance has, after four months realised that the appointment of Mr Azhar Abbas Jaffery was in fact illegal, and his continuation as managing director of HBFC is also illegal”.
In the changed scenario, the TIP requested the minister to find out why the State Bank of Pakistan and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan remained silent, as no inquiry was needed due to the fact that Banks Nationalisation Act clearly stated that a non-Pakistani was not entitled to be appointed.
“Transparency International Pakistan has also checked up with the NADRA chairman and NADRA has confirmed that Pakistan Origin Cards are only issued to those Pakistanis who are not Pakistan citizens but are of Pakistani Origin.”
The 2009 claims of Azhar Abbas Jaffery of being a Pakistani citizen with valid NIC No 42301-647193-1, if true, are a fraud, the TIP added.

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  1. Zafar Altaf said:

    Is the Authority so helpless to concrete and prompt action against a blatantly illegal act? If this happens in this manner than, how much time will be required for a state a failed state? And who are responsible for this state of affairs? Certainly those who live on public money, the tax payers’ money – whose job is to run the country lawfully.

  2. ishrat salim said:

    Raise any tail & will not be surprised to find all same…corrupt to the core, dishonest & unpatriotic…..& when any petition is taken up by the SC on such issues & it starts to exert its authority as per law, judiciary bashing starts….what a country ?.

  3. Malick said:

    This Govt like that of Mush is bent upon appointing corrupt foreign nationals involved in massive flight of capital and money laundering

  4. Malick said:

    What can you expect from a State Bank headed by a foreign national and a Finance Minister cum DC Planning Commision both holding dual nationality or immigration status, with all their assets located abroad.

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