Karachi violence claims five lives


Five people including a woman were killed in various incidents of violence during the past 24 hours whereas Rangers personnel arrested a suspected extortionist during an operation conducted in the city.
Two bodies were found in Karachi’s Napier area. The deceased were identified as activists of a political party.
Another body of a political supporter was found in Lasbela area of the city.
All three bodies bore marks of torture.
According to police sources all deceased were tortured after being kidnapped and then shot to death.
Earlier, in an unrelated incident, a man died of firing by unknown persons in Quaidabad area of the city.
A 25-year-old woman died of gunshot wounds inside her home in Karachi’s Faqeer colony area within the remit of Mominabad.
Relatives of the woman termed her death as suicide stating that the woman was in unstable mental condition.
Police were investigating into the possibility of both suicide and murder, on the case.
Meanwhile Rangers, while conducting an operation, arrested a an alleged extortionist near Sea View locality in the city’s Defense area.
The rangers claimed to have recovered heavy arms and ammunition from a spot, identified by the arrested suspect, in Old Golimar area of the city.


  1. Karachi is in grip of terrorists whose leaders wearing a veil of politicians are in the coalition government and continuing their murderous activities with impunity. It is very unfortunate that the constitutional head of the province who was facing criminal charges and was an absconder and living in Canada or UK was ceremoniously brought back by despot Mushrraf and installed him as the governor. He is the main protectors of criminals of the ethnic party and in collusion with perfect liar Rehman Malik provides perfect protection of his thugs from arrest or protection. I will not be surprised if this governor is holding dual nationality and I will not be surprised that numerous members of this ethnic party who are now sitting as respectable in the assemblies may also have dual nationalities but they are liars from top to bottom they will never declare their dual nationality.

    Karachi is bleeding and the whole world knows that an ethnic party which claims to be a mainstream party is indulged incessantly in extortion, murder and target killing but President Asif Zardari is so hamstrung by something from Altaf Hussain is that he is ever so ready to yield to their demands bartering legitimate rights of Sindh and Sindhis. Asif Zardari has no qualms whatsoever to yield to blackmailer Altaf Hussain.

    Until and unless Asif Zardari, who does not represent the values of PPP and its scions ZAB and BB. is booted out in the next general election this blood letting in Karachi will continue unabated. It is Zardari clique-Altaf mafiosi combination which has deprived Sindh and its capital of peace and tranquillity and pushed the city to darkness.

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