Krishna lashes out at Zardari’s UN speech


Indian Minister for External Affairs S M Krishna took on Pakistan at the United Nations on Monday for raising Kashmir and told the assembly that India has resumed dialogue to normalize the relations.
He criticized the President Zardari’s speech saying that neighbors enjoy no right to meddle in the internal affairs of Kashmir which is a sovereign Indian territory.
“An unwarranted reference has been made to Jammu and Kashmir from this podium,” he said, adding, ”We wish to make it abundantly clear that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India.”
Zardari said in his speech that Kashmir remained “a symbol of the failures of the United Nations system rather than its strengths.” He said a solution could only be reached in an “environment of cooperation.”


  1. Indians might know weakness of Zardari that he is master of pleasing his enemies too if they will show him anger he will make deals with them on early basis.

  2. Mr Zardari stance at Kashmir problem was right .India is presuding throuh diplomacy that kashmir is the part of india ,it is hightime that our foreign policy maker must rise to the ocean and must present their agenda for the Kashmir solution. Being a source of water and beauty kashmir issue should be solved through peaceful means ,avoiding any further complexity and war.

  3. India has stand up to the point it has made. The old have to make way for the young if this is to be done. what is the harm if Jammu and Kashmir is given its powers, but within limits as the people there demand. That would end Pakistan's diatribe on Kashmir and taking the Indian state to the UN.

  4. kashmir is an integral part of India and it is once again made clear by India,pakistan cannot do anything except running to UN because using force will bring disaster for pakistans survival but India is not going to leave its state do whatever you you want to do.India can hold kashmir for long but how long can you hou will be hold kashmir with your economy going down,it is better forget kashmir since after 60 yrs also Indias stand is still same i.e kashmir is Indias territory and at any cost it will not leave them.

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