Debate against Sheikh Rashid


Sheikh Rashid is known for his frank and well-worded statements. He talks lots of sense particularly when he quotes statistics to prove his point of view. Many others tried to copy his style, like Faisal Reza Abidi, Zulfiqar Mirza, Rehman Malik etc but they failed. Their performance has not only been miserable but also far below accepted decency level and culture.
Sh Rashid should be allowed to speak more often on TV. He at least leaves behind lot of information for people who do not have access to media, especially electronic media and net. Someone from major parties like PPP and PML-N should counter his arguments on media instead of making stereotype, oft-repeated and redundant statements about ‘democracy’ and ‘people’s rights’ and ‘reconciliation policy’ and ‘tolerance’ etc. These words and expressions have lost their meaning. People are sick of this democracy which is called a panacea of all ills. People are sick of this reconciliation policy when the government in power plays ping pong with SC. About people’s rights, people ask a simple question: ‘do we have the right to live’? I don’t know why rhetoric is used to fool people. Debate against Sh Rashid, if anyone has anything to counter his so-called loose talk.