‘Second Noor Jahan’ remembered


Naseem Begum, a popular and well known Pakistani playback singer, was remembered on her death anniversary on Saturday.
Naseem Begum was born in the city of Amritsar, British India, in 1936.
She acquired her musical training from the classical singer Mukhtar Begum. The composer Sheriyar was greatly impressed by her vocal range, and gave her the opportunity to perform in his film, Begunah.
Naseem immediately tasted success with her song ‘Nainon Mein Jal Bhar Aayey’, which became one of the most popular tracks of the 50s. She was introduced as “the second Noor Jehan”.
She took over from Zubaida Khanum in the late 50s and dominated in the first half of the 60s.
Naseem Begum won four Nigar Awards as best female singer in just five years from 1960 to 1964. She rose to prominence towards the end of the 50s. Despite originally being billed as a ‘second Noor Jehan’, Naseem quickly managed to carve out her own successful niche in the music industry.
She had the caliber to sing semi classical compositions, which indeed is a difficult task.
She was admitted to a hospital, as she was expecting, and was about to give birth to a new life but instead due to pregnancy related complications, she died on September 29, 1971.