Khar urges increased efforts to promote interfaith harmony


Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar said that incidents like the release of the blasphemous film sow the seeds of religious hatred and urged the world community increased efforts to promote interfaith harmony.
The Foreign Minister said this at the ministerial meeting of the Alliance of civilizations’ Group of Friends in New York.
Pakistan has lauded the UN-backed initiative that seeks to promote better cross-cultural relations worldwide‚ and called for stepped up efforts to promote interfaith harmony in the wake of release of the blasphemous movie, she added.
Hina Rabbani Khar said that such incidents are not only sowing the seeds of religious hatred‚ discrimination and violence within societies but are also a serious threat to the maintenance of international peace and security.
The Foreign Minister said the United Nations as well as all member states have the duty to urgently address these negative trends.


  1. I think everyone including Miss Kher is missing a point here,the film,the cartoons and the talk is merely an opinion,and everyone has a right to their opinion unless you are in Pakistan.You cannot and will never stop people from doing it.But unfortunately,we the Pakistanis,we the muslims always tend to destroy our own country in the process we call protests and our government gives away days off calling them hoildays to promote it,all the while the whole world laughs at us,BRILLIANT.

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