Health center turns into ghost bungalow


Lack of medicines and the prolonged absence of doctors and other staff members have turned a rural health center in Kokina Khurd into a ghost bungalow.
“This solitary health center was built to cater to a population of 10,000 at Kokina Khurd and Kokina Kalan, but access to medical facilities at this center is not possible, as it is located in a remote area of the federal capital,” said Jan Muhammad, a teacher.
The facility is operating in a double storey building, but the lack of cleanliness arrangements has turned it into a dilapidated building, he added.
“Doctors and other staff members visit the center rarely,” complained Ishtiaq Ahmad, a villager, “they only come here on first of every month to collect their salaries and remain absent the entire month.”
The premises are now occupied by dogs that bark and roam the center, because of the consistent voluntary disappearance of doctors and paramedical staff, residents reported.
They demanded strict action against the medical staff, and a regularization of their attendance, otherwise the center would be shut down.