Capital registers ‘shocking’ increase in sex trade


Sex trade is on the rise in the federal capital and the number of illegal guesthouses in residential areas of Islamabad has crossed 200. According to a reliable source, influential people are involved in the grotesque business of bringing girls from different areas and planting them in houses and guesthouses in posh residential areas of the capital city. The police have failed to control the illegal trade, as some police officials provide protection to these influential owners of guesthouses.
The source revealed that brokers find ‘customers’ and send them to guesthouses in different areas of the city, where they are charged Rs 10,000-50,000 for ‘services’. These customers are provided liquor and dope in the guesthouses as well, the source said.
The source further revealed that foreign girls from China, Thailand and Central Asian States were brought in for private parties, to act as ‘escorts’. According to police sources, these girls come to Pakistan on study or visit visas and start unlawful activities afterwards. Majority of the girls held by the police did not have legal documents to stay in Pakistan and were deported after court trials.
According to police sources, more than 150 girls and 100 men were arrested from different guesthouses this month. They were sent behind bars after cases were registered against them, the girls, however, were usually bailed out after one day and men got out after a couple of days, sources revealed. Moreover, the illegal business was also going on in parking lots in hospitals around the city. The vehicles parked there were used as a substitute to guesthouses. Police has carried out arrests in these parking lots, but the business props right back up again.
The business is on the rise in sectors including F-10, F11, G-10, F6 and F-7 and owners of many of these guesthouses are foreigners, sources said, adding that some police officials were allegedly receiving money from these owners to provide them protection.


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