Anushka on link-up rumours with Sidhartha, Ranbir


Actor Anushka Sharma strongly denies recent rumours of a link-up with industrialist Sidhartha Mallya and that she was flown to London in his private jet. “There is no truth to it. No such incident has happened. I was shooting in Kashmir and Ladakh (at the time for Jab Tak Hai Jaan) and it’s not physically possible for me to be at two places at the same time. It is someone’s over imagination working at its best,” the 24-year-old told us during a visit to the Capital. “I wish me or my team was called for a confirmation because the other party was contacted. It said I was unavailable to comment. To talk on my behalf is really blasphemous,” she added, emphasising, “I’m single”. Rumour mills have been abuzz for a while now with speculation that Sharma and Mallya Jr. are seeing each other, and both have denied it strongly. When reports suggested that Sidhartha flew Anushka to Heathrow airport in his private aircraft (an Airbus 320), Siddhartha called it “complete madness” on Twitter, and his spokesperson later issued a statement that read, “This is completely untrue. He didn’t fly in a private jet at all. He travelled in a commercial airline. So inviting someone else aboard is out of the question. And Sid doesn’t know Anushka. The assumption that these rumors are arriving at is completely baseless.” Miffed with many speculations, Sharma too is on a rumor-denial spree. Asked about reports that said she was partying hard with actor Ranbir Kapoor recently in Mumbai, she said, “Anything can be written about you. I understand it because I’m from here (the industry) but people take it as true. This is what happens most of the time — just rubbish space that needs to be filled with rubbish.” Moving on to recent reports about she bonding with JTHJ co-star Katrina Kaif and the latter calling her at 3am to discuss the promotion plan for the film. We ask her if there’s any truth. “Honestly I didn’t know about it. I didn’t even know that this article ever came out. No, she didn’t call me at 3am. I try to sleep early and my phone is always on silent mode when I’m sleeping.