Shireen Mazari resigns, alleges PTI hijacked by ‘big money’


Central Vice President of Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Dr Shireen Mazari on Wednesday resigned from her basic party membership, citing differences “purely based on political issues”.
In messages posted on social media website Twitter, Mazari said: “I have given in my resignation from PTI. I regretfully resign as people had real hopes with PTI.” “Not leaving PTI for any other party, purely based on political issues,” said Mazari in her messages. “Party program has been taken over by ‘big money’. The membership drive was hijacked by ‘big money’. This has compromised the party elections.”
Mazari was also in-charge of Foreign Policy for the PTI. The renowned analyst was served a notice by the party leadership after reportedly giving statements against PTI’s policies. “I haven’t left the ideology the party has departed from the ideology. My resignation is not based on personal differences rather on policy and governance issues. I am ready to serve PTI again if the party lives up to its principles,” added Mazari in further tweets clarifying her resignation.
“Let me make it clear yes I was served a show cause notice & my resignation came after due deliberation. I was NOT suspended from the party,” she added, clarifying her position. Reacting to Mazari’s resignation, PTI Secretary General Dr Arif Alvi said Mazari was a respected member of the party and had representation on its highest forums. He said it is incumbent upon all party members to observe discipline but Mazari chose not to do so by going public about her grievances during Imran Khan’s visit to the flood-affected areas of Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur. “Since this was against the code of conduct that governs party members, she was issued a show cause notice and asked to reply within seven days. Dr Mazari did not reply to this and has chosen to resign from the party,” he said.


  1. Mr. IK, if you are unable to keep together few members of your party then how it will be possible for your to keep all political leaders under one umbrella for national reconstruction, progress and prosperity. In politics you have to tolerate, communicate, convince and walk together with people of 180 degree difference from your views and ideology.

    • this is called democracy. people needs to observe party discipilin. she resigned over petty issue , it says more about her than PTI and IK. I think shye has great poetential and should reconsider her decision in the wider interest of the country and its people.
      Above all PTI is not about individuals but to change the landscape of the country and free it from corrupt mafia.

  2. that's shameful,
    nothing like that these rubbish people on social network are from other parities and just to defame PTI,
    our lives for pti and for Pakistan.

  3. A hole has appeared in the bag of this so called Sonami and it is going to flat in near future. Our so called leaders have shown that they do not have respect or regard for the educated and intelligent community. They themselves want to become Zil-i-Ilahi. I think more will follow this path. Thanks to Imran and his net warrior battalion.
    Amjad Husain
    Riyadh-Saudi Arabia

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