PCWG demands punishment to people involved in desecration


Pakistan Christian Writers Guild (PCWG) and members of Punjabi Adabi Council (Karachi) have demanded of the world powers to declare disrespect to the Holy status of Prophet Mohammad(SWA) a cognizable offence.
PCWG, President, Sarfaraz Keith Bawa and Punjabi Adabi Council, Chairman, Chaudri Farzand Ali in a joint statement on Tuesday regretted the double standards of the world powers. They said that any denial of holocaust was regarded by those in power a punishable act while no action was taken against those who frequently indulged in hurting the sentiments of the followers of Islam and Christianity. They stressed the concerned governments and their respective policy makers to take into account the fact that public utterance, gestures and public exposition of acts that affect the sanctity of religion was a cause of friction between inhabitants of the world.