Do not ask to do more: Zardari


President Asif Ali Zardari declared Tuesday before the United Nations that his country had suffered enough in its fight against extremist terror and should not be asked to do more.
“No country and no people have suffered more in the epic struggle against terrorism than Pakistan,” he insisted.
“To those who say we have not done enough, I say in all humility: Please do not insult the memory of our dead, and the pain of our living. Do not ask of my people what no one has ever asked of any other peoples,” he said.
“Do not demonize the innocent women and children of Pakistan. And please, stop this refrain to ‘do more’.”
Beginning his address to the UN General Assembly with a denunciation of the recent American-made movie trailer and French cartoons, he demanded that such material be banned worldwide.
Then, speaking next to a photograph of his late wife –Benazir Bhutto, who was murdered by militants — he set about defending the Pakistani people’s record in the war on violent extremism.
Zardari said regular US drone strikes against targets in his country made his task of selling the fight against terror to his people harder, as did the massive increase in Afghan drug exports since the US-led invasion.
“There are a lot of questions that are asked of Pakistan these days,” he said, his voice rising as he warmed to his theme.
“I am not here to answer questions about Pakistan. The people of Pakistan have already answered them. The politicians of Pakistan have answered them. The soldiers of Pakistan have answered them,” he declared.
“We have lost over 7,000 Pakistani soldiers and policemen, and over 37,000 civilians,” he added. “And I need not remind my friends here today, that I bear a personal scar.”
Pakistan has long been seen as a safe haven for myriad Islamist armed groups, whether Taliban fighting along the Afghan border, domestic extremists or Kashmiri Muslims bent on capturing Indian-held territory.
Suspicions that the government and military were turning a blind eye to some groups came to a head in May last year when US commandos launched a raid deep into Pakistani territory and killed Al-Qaeda kingpin Osama bin Laden.
But Zardari stoutly defended his government’s record, insisting Pakistan’s problems stemmed from decades of military rule, when Pakistan was left to cope with an influx of Afghan refugees and the West courted its dictators.
“I remember the red carpet that was rolled out for all the dictators,” he said. “These dictators and their regimes are responsible for suffocating and throttling Pakistan, Pakistan’s institutions and Pakistani democracy.
“I remember the jailing of Pakistan’s elected leaders. I remember the 12 years I myself spent in prison. And I remember the billions provided by the international community to support those dictatorships,” he said.
“My country’s social fabric, its very character has been altered. Our condition today is a product of dictatorships.”
Zardari’s government has often been accused in the West of not doing enough to fight armed extremism, and since bin Laden was found — in a garrison town near the capital — some in Washington have called for aid to be cut.


  1. No wonder the US media has not given any importance to his speech as it was not shown on a single channel or covered in the news. It had nothing but whinning and complaining. For the recipient of billions of dollars of aid, any leader with half way decent character would not have played the victim role all the time, while acting like a puppet of the most ignorant extremists in pakistan.

  2. This guy is a big drama… Sends confidential letters to US offering all sorts of help… and now pretending to be the wellwisher of the country…

  3. Even though i hate the guy, but appreciate the statements he made in the speech to the UN.

  4. This drama queen never ceases to amaze to me – where ever he goes the hypocrite takes his late wife's photo with him-tries to capitalise on her memory – how low can this thug stoop.Even changes the name of his children's to bhutto and claims he is the spiritual son of bhutto.The sacrifice given by the ordinary Pakistani's in defence of their country will never ever be forgotten-but it has helped line this wahabi stooge and his governments pockets!

  5. I also say to Ziardari sahib and all the Paki Jialas!! "Please do not ask us, the les miserable middle class Pakistanis, to do more, pay more petrol tax hikes, suffer more Karachi Bhata mafias, lose more jobs @ the hands of an economy in gutter, wait more @ Railway stations ruined thanks to Balor sahib, pay kick b more kick backs to Gillani's sons to leave for Hajj, suffer more electricity break downs of 10 – 12 hours a day, bear more CIA agents such as Raymond Davis whose visas stamped by traitors such as H. Haqqani and above all see more of how the highest court is ridiculed/insulted openly!!

  6. Pakistani people have to honor their pledge to make pakistan islamic according to Quran anSunnah. You live like western and aspire to be wrstern then stop moan nig and be grateful slaves until you have honesty honor humanity humility and unity. Zardari is manifestation of you as a nation being hypocrite s , lazy and sell your votes . Always talk big but negative action and easy wayout. I can go on but the point is people need to change then good leaders get opportunity . Peace

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