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Pakistani driver stabbed by UK racists

A Pakistani delivery van driver, who died after he was stabbed in the neck and crashed his van as he tried to drive away, may have been the victim of a racist attack, police believe.
Detectives have begun a murder inquiry after an off-duty police officer found Mohammed Saleem Khan, 36, seriously injured in a rented white Ford Transit van in the village of Easingwold, near York, North Yorkshire. He was taken to York District Hospital but died later.
Post mortem examination found that he had been stabbed before the crash. Police arrest 26-year-old Easingwold man on suspicion of murder. Three other people were also arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender.
It is understood that police initially treated the incident as a road traffic collision, but opened a murder inquiry after further analysis established that he had been stabbed.
Mr Khan was in the driver’s seat when he was found by the off-duty police officer.
Detective Chief Inspector Heather Pearson, of North Yorkshire Police, said: ‘This is a tragic incident for Mr Khan’s family and specially trained officers are supporting them at this extremely difficult time.
‘At this stage, there are a number of lines of inquiry that are being progressed.
‘One aspect of the investigation is that this may have been an unprovoked,
racially motivated attack.
‘However, I am keeping an open mind about the motive.’
DCI Pearson thanked Easingwold residents for their ‘tremendous support for their investigation, but urged anyone with information about Mr Khan’s death to come forward.
‘I am also keen to establish the movements of Mr Khan. He was driving a white Europcar Ford Transit van and it is believed that he may have been in and around Easingwold for a period of hours prior to his murder.
Mr Khan was originally from Luton but had recently moved to Birmingham, police said.
He had been scheduled to make a drop-off in Easingwold at the week, but it is unclear whether he had made the delivery before the attack.

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    • Mr White guy said:

      Except this was not a racist attack just the police and media jumping the gun as usual.

      I doubt the readers here will remember the retraction.

  1. Mr White Guy said:

    Ok we have a guy arrested which police refuse to name and suddenly no mention of racism.

    Funny how whites get attacked all the times by Muslims and blacks and there is never any mention of race.

  2. Fellblade said:

    If it was Whites who stabbed Mr.Khan they were probably Eatern Europeans trying to steal the contents of his van.
    There has been a large increase in UK crime commited by those type of peope since the expansion of the EU.

  3. T Newton said:

    Headline designed to mislead and cause tension as there is no known motive. North Yorkshire Police state they are keeping an open mind about the motive.

  4. Dave said:

    I hope that readers know that Pakistanis are not wanted in the UK. Eventually, they will be thrown out. I just hope it happens before things turn violent. At the moment, Jews control the UK. Once the white British people wake up, Pakistanis had better run. Inbreeding doesn't help minor races compete with the white man.

  5. Genesis said:

    Not more primitive than the 7 Pakistan who consistently raped more 30 white school going children.They were all recently convicted.

  6. Jaggy said:

    It's sad, some one has been killed, his family would be devastated.
    It,s doubly sad to see all the mean & racist comments above.
    At least wait for the police to finish their investigations!

    • Mr White guy said:

      All the racist comments? shame on you.
      Facts we do not know them and yet it is called a racist attack.
      Notice this farce of a news outlet calls him Pakistani not British.

      Pakistani men targeted white girls to rape and people like you cry racism at every turn when your just anti white.

      Muslims and blacks attack and murder whites all the time and this is covered up and never ever called racist.

      All the media outlets in the UK are run by Jews and this is a fact and they have people like you brainwashed to hate their own race and accept having your homeland overrun with third world scum.

      I am a Christian it is obvious your are not.
      Where is your disgust at those Pakistani Muslim men who targeted white girls and only white girls for rape and abuse and at the Jew media who have covered it up.

      Where is your disgust at a Government who calls anybody a racist that dares to speak the truth.

      You say wait until the police finish their investigations?
      Look at the headline on the top of this page sourced from a Jew media rag no doubt.

      Islam the religion of peace what a joke.
      Muslims are pawns unwitting paws of Jews intent on destroying Christian nations.

      Anti racist is code for anti white and anti Christian.

      Muslims dare to demonstrate in my nation about some stupid film I wonder would Pakistan allow white men to rape Muslim women and call any Muslims who dare to speak out racist?

      Would Pakistan allow Christians to stop traffic in the center of a city for prayers protests.

      I don't respect Jews and I do not hold Islam in high regard.
      I know a Hugh number of people in Europe agree with me they are only afraid to speak out in the current climate of the Jew lead Politically correct witch hunt.

      The story above is correct in one regard the man was Pakistani not British.
      A dog born in a stable is not a horse.

      I am sure Islamabad is an Islamic paradise in which there is no murder or crime Islam being the religion of peace and all.

      No Jaggy I am sure you won't like my reply but I don't like you.

  7. Aberdeen Nationalist said:

    Its sad that anyone has been killed by another and my thoughts go out to the victims family, but the way the media have basically screamed Racist is disgusting, does this paper do this with every crime carried out By Negroids and Middle Eastern people, who by and large hate this country and its peoples way of life, and are actively engaged in trying to take it over and change the normal way of life.
    I forsee a lot of trouble in the future and it wont be racist, it will be the indigenous people fighting to retain our homeland and way of life, we are pissed off with mass immigration and the spread of Islam. The word racist has by and large replaced the words, patriot, nationalist, loyalist, etc etc and it is used to degenerate anyone from a social group who speaks out against there way of life being destroyed. Are the Tibetians racist, are the Afghans racist, the palestinians, they must be as they have all spoke out against the foreigner invading there lands.

  8. Expose said:

    It's interesting to see the likes of "Mr White guy" and "Dave" come on to this website with their holier than holier attitude regarding issues of race. They talk about Pakistani pedophiles yet turn a blind eye to thousands of middle aged, White British men, who travel the world yearly on disgusting pedophiliac escapades raping children in countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Kenya, Goa India, Thailand and the Philippines. But of course this doesn't raise an eyebrow from them and interestingly they don't apply the same rhetoric regarding race and religion, even though the trend is exactly the same for countries like the US and Australia i.e. White, middle aged men mass raping foreign children.
    Oh let me also comment on the saying "A dog born in a stable is not a horse". That's what the native folk of many nations raged on about whilst your kind pillaged, plundered, raped and murdered your way through their ancestral lands. The so called "Americans, Australians, Canadians, New Zealanders" are nothing more than offspring of savage settlers who thought nothing of conducting some of the brutal genocides upon the noble native Indians of the Americas, the Aborigines and Maori people. When you advocate the removal of these settlers perhaps others may listen and heed your call on leaving your lands.
    Your posts on saving your people and the destruction of your nation are all very hollow when the simple benchmark of "Do to others as you would have them do to you" is applied. History is testament to your crimes and the fact that you put the development of regions such as the subcontinent back hundreds of years.

  9. truthseeker said:

    I have to ask, if multiculturalism is such a fantastic idea then why were the British chased out of India in 1947?
    Were the indigenous people mean and racist?

  10. truthseeker said:

    "A 'PAKISTANI' van delivery driver'' ????
    What did he wander into the wrong continent at the wrong time?

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