Karachi violence claims 11 more lives


At least 11 people, including four brothers, were killed in violence in different parts of Karachi.
According to details, some unidentified persons riding on motorcycle opened fire at a car at Disco More, injuring four real brothers. They were shifted to a nearby hospital where all of them died.
The deceased were identified as Abdul Moiz, Abdul Fareed, Abdul Muqeem and Abdul Wahid and were members of Ahle Sunat wal Jamaat.
In Orangi Town, a man was died in firing on a gambling den while a man was gunned down in Malir Millat Nagar.
In another incident of violence, a man named Khalid Hashmi was shot dead near Jauhar Chorangi while two dacoits were killed in police ecounter near Sakhi Hassan,
Police have also recovered a dead body from Machar Colony while a man was gunned down in Malir’s Jaafar Tayyar Colony.
Meanwhile, some unidentified persons opened fire at Joint Secretary of Karachi Bar Riffat raza when he was going in his car in Garden area. He remained unhurt in the attack while his brother-in-law was injured.
In Baloch Colony, some unidentified gunmen shot dead a man named Farhad while police have recovered a dead body from flats of Gulistan Jauhar.


  1. Ongoing civil war in Karachi will result in a bleak future for Pakistan. The hidden hand perpetrating targeted killings must be exposed sooner or else it might be a bit late then.

  2. MQM is such a party which thrives on violence. It has been in power since decades. It wants to enter into a coalition and then starts its parallel government which is what is happening at its peak now a days. Even in the days of Musharraf it did not enjoy so much in terms of power and other benefits as it has in this weak government.

    The trend has been set to frighten coward Zardari. Once they get every thing they demanded they then bring into action into the Rabita committees. They have so called joint session in London and Karachi and then they come up with another demand and so on so forth.

    Now they have issued a 3 days ultimum to Zardari to give them whole Karachi to be ruled by them. We hope and pray PPP will gather courage this time and call their bluff and let these thugs go to hell.

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