SC admits Malik Riaz’s petition against Suddle commission


The Supreme Court on Monday admitted the review petition for hearing filed against the formation of ‘Shoaib Suddle commission’ by the apex court to investigate ‘Arsalan Iftikhar case’.
Speaking to media representatives outside the Supreme Court, Property tycoon Malik Riaz’s attorney Zahid Bukhari said that the court will hear the review petition on October 2.
He said that ‘Shoaib Suddle commission’ was formed without his consultation.
Answering a question, Bukhari said that he will request the commission to stop its investigation till the verdict of the review petition was announced.
Malik Riaz had submitted an appeal to the Supreme Court on Sept 11 to review the formation of the commission.
“We do not accept the Suddle Commission because it has been formed against the norms of justice,” he had said.
The apex court had formed one man commission of Shoaib Suddle on August 30 after granting the appeal filed by Arsalan Iftikhar, son of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.


  1. For God's sake someone stop this TOPI DRAMA. This unfortunate nation deserves something better than this episode. Wastage of time and resources at the expense of poor. Shame! Shame.

  2. so far its the 1st positive development in this case from SC's end and its duty as well to protect the rights of every citizen even if he is guilty. Next SC should hear the concerns of both parties and make sure to avoid biased behavior with Malik Riaz at least this time. Its a real test of SC's dignity & superiority.

  3. Here comes the only positive sign in this case that the SCP has atleast accepted the review petition submitted by Mr. Malik against suddle commission..Now comes the second part to hear the case on 2nd Oct, SCP should listen to the concerns of both parties in this regards with paying attention to the Case and not to some specific Person.

  4. Mr Malik Riaz had submitted an appeal to the Supreme Court on Sept 11 to review the formation of the commission. Now SCP should listen both person then take right action

  5. well it was a right demand from Mr Malik which was accepted by SC. some positivity shown shown in this decision.

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