Petition against army chief extension non-maintainable


Islamabad High Court (IHC) has rejected the petition filed against extension of service in respect of army chief declaring it non-maintainable.
IHC chief justice Iqbal Hamid ur Rehman took the petition filed by Col (Retd) Inam ur Rahim for preliminary hearing Monday.
Counsel for petitioner took the plea that army service could not be continued beyond 60 years of age. As per army act no army officer could retain his post after reaching 60 years of his age. President was not authorized to give extension in service, he pleaded. Therefore, extension granted to army chief in his service be withdrawn forthwith, he added.
Chief Justice remarked military matters could not come in the courts for hearing under article 199-3 of the constitution.
The court reserved the judgment for some time and later declared the petition non maintainable.


  1. Kiayani's extension has ruined the organization of the army. Once he retires we will find out how corrupt and inept he really was. He is a disgrace to the army. Shame on him.

    • yes this is what I am trying to convey but PT never allowed me.Lets see how long this comment or article will last on this page with this comment.

      • Any Army Chief who overthrows democracy in PMLN or PTI favour will be supported by both parties and their cronies in media who unfortunately are in majority in media owing to their Punjabi origins.

        • Kiayani, by accepting extension, ended many able Generals careers because they had to retire due to his selfishness and hunger for power. Kiayani has failed the county miserably and he is just as resposible for the state of current conditions in Pakistan. He did not have to overthrow the govt. but he could have "encouraged" them to improve the governance. He could have "encouraged" them to obey the laws. He could have made statements to discourage drone attacks. He did nothing and doing something is beter than doing nothing. Its a shame that Pakistan army is being commanded by a coward like him.

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