Pakistan origin woman made youngest minister in Norway


Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg appointed Pakistan origin Hadia Tajik as his cabinet minister in recent reshuffle this week, Arab media reported on Monday.
Hadia Tajik, 29, from Pakistani decent, was appointed on Friday as Norway’s minister of culture, Al-Arabia reported.
She is the first ever Muslim cabinet member and also the youngest ever government minister of the country.
Elected as MP in 2009, Hadia has has already publicized her program for the upcoming months and highlighted that cultural diversity should become an indisputable part of everyday life.


  1. Very heartly Congratulations.
    A long-time "self-rifugee" from Pakistan in Europe wishes you very heartly: Good luck in your new position. I hope you never to get trapped in the so-called "Muslim" or "Pakistani" identity. The real identity for people of your (and my) type is: cultural diversity. Evidently you know it better than I would ever do. I think, the respect for cultural diversity is the one of the essential factors for a peaceful future.

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