UN, OIC are making Muslims feel dejected: Shahbaz Sharif


Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that 1.5 billion Muslims feel dejected by the attitude adopted by international community in the aftermath of “Innocence of Muslims”, and their response is neither in accordance with the human rights nor at par with the secular principles championed by the United Nations.
CM said that no law or code of conduct of the world allows injuring the sentiments of respectable citizens in the garb of freedom of expression. The CM said that by expressing their anger against the blasphemous film, Muslims of the world and especially Pakistanis have proved beyond doubt the love and affection they have towards the Holy Prophet (PBUH). He criticized the federal government for not summoning the US Ambassador to Pakistan and he also blamed the Foreign Office for not holding a meeting with ambassadors of OIC member states in Islamabad to chalk out a unified course of action regarding condemnation of those responsible for the movie. CM condemned those involved in killings of 23 citizens across the country and said that Prophet (PBUH) was a blessing for the whole humanity and no true follower of Muhammad (PBUH) can ever dare kill an innocent fellow human on any matter that has not been referred to an appropriate court of law.


  1. From this article it is well obvious that the staff report of Pakistan Today is well paid / favored by PLMN.
    I agree that PPP not doing much but on the other hand PMLN is not behind also.

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