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UAE Islamists deny forming military wing

An Emirati Islamist group on Saturday denied press reports that it has formed a military wing and that it was receiving funds from abroad to set up an Islamic state in the United Arab Emirates.
The banned Al-Islah, or Reform, association is “pacifist, civilian and moderate and has never, and will never, choose to take up arms,” as part of efforts to push for reforms in the Gulf federation, the group said in a statement received by AFP. On Thursday, Al-Khaleej newspaper reported that Islamists detained in the United Arab Emirates had confessed to forming a secret organisation that included a military wing aimed at establishing an Islamist state. Members of Al-Islah allegedly said they planned to topple the UAE regime, a federation of seven hereditary sheikhdoms, the newspaper said citing unnamed sources close to the investigation. “Investigations have revealed that the structure of the organisation included committees and local branches in every emirate, as well as consultative and executive councils and a military wing,” said the report.

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