Quetta-Dera National Highway blocked due to landslides | Pakistan Today

Quetta-Dera National Highway blocked due to landslides

The National Highway linking Balochistan with Punjab was blocked due to landslides caused by heavy rains on Sunday.
According to details, Quetta-Dera National Highway was blocked due to falling of big land masses at Rakhi Ghat point and various other locations.
It should be mentioned that most of the transportation of edibles and goods from Punjab to Balochistan was carried through National Highway.
National Highway Authority (NHA) officials were busy in excavation work with the assistance of Chinese experts. The officials said that the highway will be opened for small cars in a week but it would take 15 days to clear the highway for heavy traffic.
The closure of Quetta-Dera national highway will also affect the supply of edible items and other goods from Punjab and other parts of the country to Balochistan.
The locals have started traveling on camels in areas where traffic was suspended.

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