Punjab govt wasted budget to halt creation of Saraiki province: Khosa


The Punjab government is a major hurdle in the way of creation of Seraiki province as it has wasted the entire budget in unneeded projects, Punjab Governor Latif Khosa said on Saturday. Talking to reporters, Khosa blamed the Punjab government for creating hurdles in the PPP proposed projects for the well being of the province including formation of Seraiki province. He said the provincial government spent entire budget on “the beautification of Raiwind and unnecessary development projects like rapid bus service”.
He said sacrilegious film had hurt the sentiments of the entire Muslim world but violent protests, killing of innocent people, ransacking public and private property was no solution. He emphasized that it would further add to financial crisis of the country which was already in the grip of financial crunch due to various reasons. Commenting over Dr Aafia Siddiqui’s issue, the governor said, “We have provided legal assistance to her but we can’t interfere in the US justice system.” About the dual nationality case, Khosa said the Senate chairman would decide whether Interior Malik Rehman Malik could continue in his office or not. He said the letter written by then attorney general Malik Qayyum was unauthorized. The Punjab governor was of the view that former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani took the right decision of not writing the letter to the Swiss officials in accordance with the constitution of the country.