PPP condemns burning of Church


The PPP Human Rights Cell has condemned in strong terms the burning of a Christian Church, and called it a conspiracy to give a bad name to Muslims and to the collective call for a day to observe national solidarity and unity under the banner of Youm-e-Ishq-e-Rasool.
In a statement issued here Sunday, the Human Rights Cell also condemned the violence that led to the taking of innocent lives, besides burning of private and public property that led to the loss of millions.
“On this day, the government wanted to demonstrate national unity and all of Pakistan including religious minorities supported this cause,” said Dr Nafisa Shah PPP Human Rights Cell Central Coordinator.
“This was to be a solemn day to demonstrate to the world, the love and respect for the Prophet of Islam, and to register a protest against the obnoxious material on the Youtube that humiliates a world religion and conspires to inflame the world.
“However, this is not a clash of civilizations, nor a clash against another religion, or community, but a protest against what seems to be a conspiracy to unleash a clash of civilizations and religions and it is clear that anyone who plays that card will not succeed.” says the PPP rights coordinator. “Muslims of Pakistan have and will reject these acts designed to pit the world religions and civilizations against each other,” she added.