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CAA shows concern over garbage within airport environs

CAA has contacted KPK government over increase in airline mishaps due to abundance of birds at Bacha Khan International Airport, Peshawar.
In its correspondence with the provincial government, CAA has expressed its concern over numerous instances of birds colliding with aircrafts, and narrow escape from major air disasters.
However CAA is worried that someday a major air disaster can be caused if this is not paid attention to, as despite repeated warnings to residing locals about presence of garbage clusters responsible for flux of birds, there has been little encouraging response.
CAA has stressed for ensuring prompt removal of garbage from airport environs in order to mitigate any major air disasters.

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  1. Truth Bites said:

    CAA is responsible for allowing Askari 10, residential housing societies, marriage halls and commercial eateries to be bulit within the defined STERILE ZONE of Lahore Airport, and similar construction in Karachi, Chaklala, Peshawar and Multan Airport. It is this garbage and food waste that is the cause for bird strikes at Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan and Islamabad Airports. As long as CAA is under the real estate mafia dominated Ministry of Defense, or illiteate cronies like Yousafzai, there is no hope for improvement

    • aijazhaider said:

      CAA can't disobey the military (askari – the real estate mafia dominated by the Ministry of Defense), if they have to survive in Pakstan. You are right, "It is this garbage and food waste that is the cause for bird strikes at Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan and Islamabad Airports".
      Yousafzai also can't disobey the military. So we have pin-pointed the real culprit behind the problem. Truth Really Bites! I hope we are not bitten by the "truth" we have agreed upon. Regards.

  2. Nazia said:

    Pakistanis don't believe on this proverb that Nip the evil from the Bud but they are used to of new way of working that Dump the mess when it is spread.
    So In any airport first they allow all kind of encroachment, human activities which are strictly forbidden in any flying areas and when air accident happens they start searching new place for new airport. so they all wait to spread the mess and then think of getting out of it.

    • aijazhaider said:

      Correction: Not "Dump the mess when it is spread" but "Dump the mess and let it spread and keep spreading until any major air disaster happens". This makes garbage removal easy because after an air disaster (may Allah save us all), everybody is there to help. Edhi, Chippa, others, all help in removing the aircraft + garbage. So a difficult job is so easily done by some patient waiting and we learn both patience and disaster management, because we need a disaster to learn "patience and disaster management". This is a three-in-one package, of which the rest of the world is totally unaware. So, we are ahead of all the rest, now, let's take a rest and let CAA to the rest.
      Off the record: where are you? long time, no see, rather no replies …….ADIDAY. Regards.

      • Nazia said:

        This is our tragedy we dont learn but "earn" from disasters.That is why I always said that in all matters of Pakistan satanic characters are taking control who dance on our dead bodies and stupidities and we call them leader.
        This web page seems to me not very friendly as take too much long time to upload any page and secondly I am not bachelor like you, have a big family of dozen children so you cant imagine their daily jobs .even then you see I become net night mare of few people and even then they don't read my prescribed wazifa which I deliver them on free of cost.

        • aijazhaider said:

          1. I agree we "earn" but don't learn. 2. Yes this web page is not very friendly and takes a long time to upload any page. PT should do something about it. 3. A big, happy family is a blessing of Allah and you should be thankful to Allah, I can imagine your workload as a wife and mother of a dozen children. I often feel very lonely. 4. You are not a nightmare, i did not say so. You are an honour for the PT forum. 5. I apologise for any personal comment that has hurt your feelings. Convey my salaam to your husband (Mr.Iftiqar?, sorry I am not sure about the name), children, and parents. 6. I again apologise to you and also to the PT admin and forum for posting personal and out-of-the-way comments. Please instantly send me a notification when I go beyond the limits. I appreciate the PT admin. and all those who comment for bearing my mis-use of "freedom of speech". I pray and hope that I am forgiven. Regards.

          • Nazia said:

            There is no harm earning on new projects but not for personal intersts and others' disaster only.These land lovers or encroachers make fortunes on the cost of other's life and earn their sins which are not only accounted after death but will show their aftereffects in their real lives in form of their spoiled childern, unfaithful partenrs or some kind of serious God gifted setback.
            I don't know I honor for PT but it is sure to me that I am honor of my of family and my country so who ever try to make personal remarks on me will get proper response on the time.It is very interesting when mature people look intentional mistakes and then go for apology.I think both are opposite tracks.One should avoid it to do any one of such weak actions that produce uneasiness for other and anxiety for themselves
            .Yes big family is big blessing and I am blessed with it and thanks to Allah all the time for providing me such secured environment.So all who come to this net world are not lonely beings or in some kind of manhunt.You can add on your this experience in your experienced life too.

          • aijazhaider said:

            Prevention is better than cure. Our actions are the cause behind the circumtances we face here and which we will have to face in the hereafter.
            I apologise to you all again and I also apologise to Allah for my sins.
            Please ignore previous comments and pray I am guided by Allah to write what is right.

          • Nazia said:

            when you say repeated sorry as per my past experience either you are transforming to some other ID or have some other plans .Any how hope 's margin should not be omitted for any thing specially in positive ways. Our reactions should be generated to uneven circumstances and for those who are creating mess in one's life but not for those who are bringing positive changes in your life.If God gives you difficult time it means He is preparing you for good times too to value it so it is your choice to pick right one.And listen there is no sin like that which I dared to point out.Human does mistake on wrong evaluation and some love to repeat it and you are one of this kind as we see CAA like group .

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