Church destroyed: Christians unhappy with government in Mardan


Bishop Peter Majeed on Saturday said that the provincial government and local administration has failed to provide protection to the Christians living in Mardan district from the last several years.
He expressed these views while briefing the local reporters at Church on Saturday.
Father (Pastor) Ghulam Shaad, father (Pastor) Chand and other elders of Christians were also present on this occasion.
“It is astonishing act that some extremist in the name of Allah and his Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) burnt, destroyed and looted the Church located in a sensitive area in the Chief Minister Hoti’s constituency and also located near the house of CM’s father-in-law and district police officer (DPO) and other police high-ups offices”, he added.
Bishop Peter Majeed further said that this church was constructed in 1937 and he is fourth Bishop of this church. He added that they collected charity to repair this church.
He said that Muslims and Christians are cousins because their roots are one. He said that we have already condemned the act of the mentioned person, who produced anti-Islam film. He said that the person who produced the film isn’t a Bishop and nor Christian but he is a terrorist and after some months he releases such type of things to create differences among Christians and Muslims.
He added that such anti-Islam film by the mentioned person creates difference among Muslims and Christians and due to which on Friday during protesting hundreds of protesters entered the church and burnt and looted church, house of Bishop, father and school principal and also burnt the school and library in which more then 3000 books about Bible and more then 6000 books about other religion including Islam were present.
The Bishop said that protesters also wanted to burn our child named Zeeshan but God protected him. He added that protesters burnt every thing present in church, houses and school and also broke the iron made things. He said that this process was continued from more then three hours but local administration and police high-ups closed their eyes on this situation.
He added that some of their elders contacted local police high-ups but they sent only five police constables for the protection of church and house which was great joke. He said that Christian are living a peaceful life from the last several years but now a question of security is created among the Christians of Mardan and Christians feel that their lives and property aren’t safe in Mardan.
He accused that local administration is responsible for this destruction. He added that attack of protesters on Church is a pre-planned act because they brought patrol and other such types of things which they threw in the church they very quickly started burning and destroying the things in moments. He said that in all over the country only Mardan church is targeted which is a question for government and local administration.
He demanded the government to provide protection to the Christians and also provide them funds for the reconstruction of church, houses, school and library otherwise Christians will be compelled to migrate to other parts of the country.
Meanwhile, Senator Mohammad Azam Khan Hoti father of Chief Minister Ameer Haider Hoti, member provincial assembly (MPA) Haji Ahmed Khan Bahadur and other representative of different political parties visited the church and show condolence with the Christians.
On this occasion he also showed different parts of church, houses, school burnt by the protesters on Saturday.


  1. Founders of Pakistan had said that if Pakistan is not created those "bad" Hindus will not let them grow and become better human beings , when I read about what is going on in Pakistan I wonder what they would have been like if even without the" Hindu oppression" this is where leaders were able to get them and their people to .

  2. Bishop Peter Majeed, reason the local administration could not protect you is that they were ordered to protect only American embassy, consulates and other institutions. Blame the US administration and paricularly Leon Panetta who said that US will deploy troops in 18 or so muslim countries to provide protection against violent reaction.Instea of migrating to otherparts of Pakistan stay in Mardan ad we muslims, will launch donation schme to help you re-build your church. If the US had decapitated Terry Jones, Sam Bacile, Steve Klein las week, no violent reaction hadtaken place. You he said, "such anti-Islam film by the mentioned person creates difference among Muslims and Christians" and "Christian are living a peaceful life from the last several years but now a question of security is created among the Christians of Mardan and Christians feel that their lives and property aren’t safe in Mardan." Ask yourself, why the question of security is created and who is behind it? If you felt secure for last several years, what went wrong today, saturday 22,9/12? You know the answer and everybody knows the answer……….. Continued s below……….

  3. Bishop Peter Majeed, the people at US Blackhouse, by protecting the maniacs TJ/SB/SK and others have put your lives and property in danger. According to you "the person who produced the film isn’t a Bishop and nor Christian but he is a terrorist and after some months he releases such type of things to create differences among Christians and Muslims". I agree the local administration is at fault and the protestors disobeyed Allah the Prophet (sallallahoalaihwasllam) by acting against the teachings of Islam in which security of peaceul minorities is the responsibilty of th muslims. But, Islam also ordes a death penlalty to those involved in blasphemy about any prophet. If this is not implemented by the US and other regimes, you will always be in danger, werever you migrate, whithin or outside Pakistan. Lodge your protest at the US consulate and blame them too for this mishap. Your real enemies are the evil minds behind the blasphemous movie and the US Blackhouse which is protecting them and putting you and others christians in trouble. Tell the US to behead the culprits wthin 24 hours otherwse other chuches can also be in danger because inspite of being told to remain calm the people are racting violently. Regards.

    • hahhahah what an arguement !!!!! WOW.. So if others do anything wrong they are bad but if we do something wrong than others made us do that!!!!!!

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      Islam is indeed a disease.

      • If that man has some kind of funny arguments as per his multiple perceptions based on irrelevant concepts than it doesn't mean Islam is owned by only sick minded people.

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  4. I am really sorry Bishop Peter Majeed for what has happened to the church! I fail to understand these are the same Muslims who follow Hazarat Omar who entered Jerusalem on foot while his slave was sitting on the back of the camel. He offered total amnesty to all Christians & Jews with no meddling int heir daily affairs! Muslims, the "occupiers" who freed Jerusalem from the Romans actually turned into guarantors of freedom, peace and harmony for the Christians & Jews of Jerusalem!! I fail to understand how can someone call himself a Muslim after throwing bombs in some mosque or burning a church!!

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