WPC to host Indo-Pak conference in Dec


Chairman of World Punjabi Congress (WPC) and International Sufi Council (ISC) Fakhar Zaman has announced that a 4 day Indo-Pak Conference on “Culture and Peace” will be held in Lahore from December 21-24.
The conference would be attended by a100 member delegation from India comprising of eminent scholars, writers, journalists, lawyers and leaders hailing from various professional groups. Pakistani delegation will include 150 delegates.
The conference topics agreed upon include “Culture and Peace, Culture and Economic Development, Culture and Sports, Peace through Literature, Art, Films and Television”.
Zaman welcomed the liberalization in Visa regime but demanded that it should not be limited to five or ten cities only and issuance period should be more than 10 days.
He also demanded of the Indian government that eminent writers and intellectuals should be given multiple visas like those granted to businessmen. He also demanded of the Indian government to remove restrictions on Pakistani TV channels so that Indian public could see the “excellent programmes” aired on various channels. He also asked the Indian journalists to halt biased propaganda against Pakistan in the present evolving ambience of peace and friendliness. Chairman WPC also asked the Indian government to open up Kasurganda Singh border.