Indian army against withdrawal from Siachen


Against the backdrop of Pakistani push for demilitarization of Siachen, Indian Army chief General Bikram Singh made it clear that the Indian military would not like to move out of the “strategically important” heights for which a “lot of blood has been shed”.
General Bikram said the army had conveyed its views to the government that had to take a final decision in this regard. “It is very important and we must continue to hold that area and we have held that view always. We have lost our lives and lot of blood has been shed to get into these areas and occupy the heights and positions. These positions are of strategic importance and we have given our concerns to the government and now it is for the government to decide,” Gen Singh said. Asked why talks were being held if the army believed the glacier had to be held, he said, “The negotiations are at the government level and at the national level. Let us see how these negotiations progress but we have given our point of view.”
Gen Singh said the army had not changed its views on the importance of the strategic heights which have been under Indian physical control since 1984 after the army launched Operation Meghdoot to occupy them. Asked how willing was India on the issue, he said it was discussed during the 13th round of defense secretary-level talks held in Islamabad. “This is one of the issues supposed to have been discussed and it was not concluded at that point of time and I think it will carry forward. I think modalities have to be worked out during the dialogue to be held next year.”