Hypertensive and sugar patients at risk to develop Alzheimer


Optimum compliance to drug therapy is extremely essential for people suffering from hypertension or with higher blood sugar levels as otherwise their risk to “Alzheimer” (brain degeneration) may also assume higher proportions.
Neurologists including Dr Mohammad Wasay, Dr Saad Shafqat, Dr Naila Shahbaz and Dr Shahid Mustafa, sharing details of programs chalked-out for World Alzheimer patient to be observed today, said there was urgent need for proper awareness among the masses as well as medical community about the disease.
“Uncontrollable blood sugar level and hypertension registered due to poverty or carelessness among the sufferers is one of the significant factors for the ailment,” said Dr Naila Shahbaz.
She also identified tobacco consumption as one of the major risk factors among the ageing population.
Dr Naila Shahbaz said deficiencies of certain micronutrients in the body particularly Vitamin B-12, Vitamin B-1, Vitamin B-6 could also trigger progression of Alzheimer.
Dr Shahid, while complementing her colleague, said healthy life style if followed could significantly reduce the risk to be inflicted with the disease in one of its most common form of dementia (forgetfulness) among the people aged above 65 years.
“Alzheimer disease largely affects elderly people that is why its symptoms are mistaken as aging,” said Dr Wasay.