Dubai-based vets declare ‘infected’ sheep fit for human consumption


An independent veterinarian from a World Animal Health Organization (OIE) accredited lab, Central Veterinary Research Laboratory (VRL Dubai) has issued a certificate, terming the sheep “free of any exotic disease” and “perfectly fit for human consumption”. Dr Ulrich Wernery, the scientific director of VRL Dubai that operates as the government’s diagnostic center for the United Arab Emirates, said the laboratory staff had visually inspected the sheep on Wednesday in a Karachi feedlot, and found no evidence of exotic disease in the animals.
“These sheep do not suffer from any infectious diseases what so ever (sic) and should be professionally slaughtered for meat production without any delay to avoid any suffering and also to avoid any animal welfare concerns,” Dr Wernery said. “It is of paramount importance to stop now the needless and unnecessary culling of healthy animals.” Dr Wernery said the laboratory staff intended to take blood samples from the sheep, but were “unfortunately” prevented by the local authorities.


  1. the same company also declared these sheep infected free, but Bahrain didnot buy their idea/reportt is quite obvious that the report is based on only visual observation.

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