Role of students in society


Society is a group of people who commonly share values, requirements and interests. Student is an important pillar in building and educated society as education is the basis for living in a world community as trade, industry, economic or political.
For the prosperity and betterment of a society, the foremost role of student is to gather knowledge and wisdom and must not waste his/her precious time carelessly. He must submit himself to the rules of discipline to build a civilized society. They must realize their roles and duties towards a cultured society. They must develop habits of self-reliance and try not to use unfair means in every aspect. A student can understand and help common people to understand their rights. He is expected to be well informed as well as balanced in his views. He must know that he is prepared to offer his co-operation and services for the well being of the society. As he is conscious of right and wrong, good and bad; he will not follow another man dictates blindly. Student must contribute himself for improvement, judge and act for a civilized society. They may stand for the strength of will, truthfulness, high sense of duty and honor, spirit of service and sacrifice. A student must know his talent and utilize it in a right manner. Material consideration and getting fame should not move him from the right path.
If we had a look on history, we see that students played vital role during struggle for independence. But unfortunately, now-a-days students waste their time and attention in pursuits, as education is only away to get academic degrees. Today the behavior of students is very casual, which if not diverted into a healthy channel could take shape of destruction. Students of today are leaders of tomorrow so they should perform their tasks for the goodness of their society and ultimately for their beloved homeland


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