My little one takes up all my time: Kiran Rao


Kiran Rao is enjoying every bit of being a mother. She told us, “My little one takes up most of my time. I don’t even get time to write my movie script. Whatever little windows I get whenever he is sleeping, I try to write. These days, he tries to stand up and walk. However, he only wakes up a couple of times during the night and doesn’t bother us much.” And Aamir Khan is playing good daddy. “Aamir is there for Azad despite his hectic schedule,” said Rao. Just before leaving for Chicago, where Aamir was shooting for his next film, she had told us, “It will serve as a great break for Aamir who was busy with other projects. This is the first family holiday for us.” Speaking about her approach to filmmaking, she said, “It is important for filmmakers to challenge themselves. Whether the market or the system supports your project is debatable, but you should be honest towards your product. Experimentation is important. However, you should not experiment only for the sake of experimenting.”