Public, judiciary and army


Pakistan is passing through a critical time. Hence, the responsibilities of above segments have been increased. Pakistan faces worst lawlessness, load shedding, price-hike, drone attacks, missing persons, unemployment, a weak foreign policy and many other issues nowadays. There is no government in three provinces except Punjab. Government and LEAs have completely failed to control these issues.
The question is what do these segments do under these circumstances? Public is also responsible for these issues because they elect the people who do not have good track record. These people did nothing for the public and country after election. The public should elect fair and honest people in the upcoming elections. No doubt, our army is the best but we are wasting its energy to please foreign lords. Army should give attention to its own issues. Army can play the role of a supervisor over the government without any takeover.
Judiciary is the best forum for checking govt malpractices for which judiciary is doing a lot. The apex court should also look after the performance of lower courts. I appeal to the said segments for playing their due role to save the country.