PPP to join protest on Friday: Malik


Interior Minister Rehman Malik has appealed to the United Nations to frame laws to stop publication and circulation of blasphemous material against Islam.
Talking to the media persons‚ he said “the blasphemous movie is a conspiracy against the personality of our holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and we strongly condemn its contents. It is not the matter of one sect but that of the entire Muslim Ummah.”
He said the entire nation is one as far as the sanctity of last Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is concerned.
The Interior Minister said that Pakistan Peoples Party will also join the protest demonstrations announced by religious organizations on Friday against the anti-Islam movie.
To a question‚ Rehman Malik said that he will also brief the cabinet about steps taken to block the blasphemous material on the internet.
About the situation in Karachi‚ the Interior Minister said due to effective security measures several terror plots have been thwarted. He said “our enemy is out to destabilize Pakistan by triggering unrest on ethnic and sectarian basis. He said “we are fully alive to the situation and all available resources will be utilized to foil their designs.”


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