PM condemns blasphemous film


Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf while strongly condemning the anti-Islam film has called upon the people to register their feelings peacefully and restrain by damaging their own properties.
Addressing the Federal Cabinet meeting he said “we have taken a notice of the matter and the Youtube has been closed down in Pakistan.”
He apprised the Cabinet about his recent visit to China and said they exchanged views on economic cooperation and investment in Pakistan.
He said “we also discussed the maintenance of Karakurram highway and defence sector.”
The Prime Minister said he had ordered an investigation on the import of diseased sheep in the country.
The cabinet offered Fateha for those died in recent floods and rains and the Karachi and Lahore factory fires. The Cabinet suspended its agenda and is debating the situation arising out of blasphemous film.
The Cabinet strongly condemned the anti-Islam film.


  1. The anti-Islam video has finally proved to be a proverbial last straw on the back of the American camel. Whoever is behind this video is clearly not a friend of those who want some sort of face-saving for the US and Obama Administration in Afghan end-game. The video has tried to prove that American intervention in Libya and Tunis was an Obama misadventure and that pliant regimes in these countries and that in Egypt were in America’s political interests. The video has not only triggered violence, it has given an excuse to Afghan Taliban to intensify their attacks on American forces in Afghanistan. Whoever made the video should be declared as America’s Enemy Number One. Read more at:

  2. Salute to PPP

    The Pakistan federal government of PPP has done a yoeman's service to Islam, by taking some monumental decisions, as below, in the true Islamic traditions of Ishq-e-Rasool (PBUH).

    1.The federal cabinet has announced to observe Friday as a day of reverence for the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

    2. Friday has been declared a public holiday.

    3. It was also decided in the meeting that PM Raja Pervez Ashraf will personally meet with the US ambassador.

    4. PM will take the nation into confidence.

    5. Earlier, Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf appealed to the people protesting against the hate film, to stay peaceful and refrain from damaging assets, while Interior Minister Rehman Malik said that the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) will also participate in protest demonstrations on Friday.

    In view of the foregoing, the nation salutes it's PPP government, the PM and the cabinet for this monumental service to Islam, which will go a long way in uniting the nation, without involving any politics in the religion.

    It is hoped that all the provincial governments, will also take the same steps to show solidarity with the sentiments and aspirations of the masses.

    Like Shaheed Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto, who will get SAWAB till the Judgement day, for his historical services to Islam, in declaring Qadiani's as non-Muslims; the current bold decisions of the Pakistan government's cabinet, will also be written in the annuls of the history, as a great service to Islam, by the ONLY nation founded in the name of ISLAM.

    It is suggested to the government, that all the heads of opposition parties of Pakistan, should also be invited to join the PM, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf Sahib, who is scheduled to meet the US ambassador on the issue.

    • Mr Nayyar perhaps need to read the book of history again. The nation of Pakistan was not founded on the name of Islam. At least it's creator has other views. Unless Mr Nayyar ignores the words of Mr Mohammad Ali Jonah. We founded the country which is free for everyone to practice its faith, especially for Muslims. Mr Jinah knew staying with India one day will create chaos and destruction and as minority Muslims will be sidelined. However his statements are very clear that Pakistan is a secular country.

      As far PPP and MR Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto's is concerend for declaring Qadiani as Non-Muslims, everyone knows it was a political decision to keep good grip on Mullah. This had nothing to do with Islam. Every politcal leader in pakistan has price and if you pay the correct amount you can buy them, thier faith. So perhaps go back to drawing board and get your facts right.

  3. The same Bhutto that willburn in hell for condoning the rape and murder of thousands of innocent people in East Pakistan…

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