“What the Quaid did not want…”


I read with interest Mr Arif Nzami’s article titled as above regarding the thought provoking question: “Did the Quaid-e-Azam envisage a secular Pakistan or a theocracy in the name of an Islamic system? It’s been sixty-four years since his passing away but this is a question that is still a subject of intense debate.” (Sep 15).
When as students of Aligarh Muslim University we were struggling for a Muslim homeland, during the Pakistan Movement in mid 1940s, we were clear in our mind as to what type of country we were going to create. The issue was raised after Pakistan came into being by vested interests.
It was indeed regrettable that even after over six decades on every such occasion, the issue is raised in countless articles in the press and in discussions in TV talk shows. There is a pressing need for resolving this important issue once for all. It may call for a kind of a debate in the press. Prominent historians, intellectuals and writers of open mind may be invited to express their views.
This scribe could contribute to the debate based not on others’ research work or writings but from personal knowledge, experience and observations since I happened to be in a way to have become a part of history of that period and saw how Pakistan came into being as the largest Muslim country in the world at midnight August 14-15, 1947.
Further, I could not think of a better person for this step than our veteran top journalist Mr Arif Nizami, Editor, Pakistan Today. He is the right person to initiate necessary action and coordinate activities for a debate through Pakistan Today. The matter being of vital importance having far reaching ramifications, I trust Mr Nizami will kindly accept the suggestion in the national interest.