‘Rs.115.3 billion transaction proceeds till June 30, 2012’


More than 28.4 million transactions worth of Rs.115.3 billion have been processed during the quarter ending June 30, 2012 a state bank official said. The State Bank official said the number and value of transactions per quarter have grown rapidly during the second quarter (April-June) 2012 and 35 per cent respectively. The growth in value of transactions was almost 3 times more than the growth in number of transactions; accordingly the overall average size of transaction was increased from Rs 3,853 to Rs 4,065 during the quarter. The official further said the composition of transactions remained almost similar to the previous quarter. In value terms agents, bulk transfers purchasing e-float, depositing excess cash in their accounts etc. topped by 41 per cent share followed by P2P and bill payments and Mobile Top-ups with 35 per cent and 11 per cent shares respectively. In number of transactions, bill payments and Top-Ups have the biggest share of 50 per cent followed by P2P transactions with 6 per cent share.