E&P Companies make significant oil and gas discoveries: Dr Asim


Dr. Asim Hussain, Minister for Petroleum & Natural Resources has expressed confidence that the new Petroleum (Exploration & Production) Policy 2012 provides significant incentives for Exploration and Production (E&P) Companies operating in Pakistan’s Oil and Gas sector. He further said that E&P companies should take advantage from the incentives offered in the new Policy.
To reduce the prevailing demand and supply gap, the E&P companies have been successful in discovering new hydrocarbon reserves. Encouraged with the steps taken by the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources to enhance indigenous production, E&P companies have made following discoveries during 2012.
United Energy Pakistan Ltd has made discoveries in their Badin Blocks that include Gharo-1 Oil and Gas discovery in July, 2012 which is producing 520 Barrels of Oil per day (BOPD) and 0.03 Million Cubic Feet per Day (MMCFD) gas, Mohano-1 discovery in February, 2012 which is producing 300 BOPD and 0.03 MMCFD gas, Pir Apan-1 discovery made in March, 2012 producing 375 BOPD and 18 MMCFD gas, Piraro Deep-1 discovery made in April, 2012 which is producing 483 BOPD and 15.2 MMCFD gas, Nurpur Deep-1 gas discovery in May, 2012 producing 4.5 MMCFD gas, Mulaki-1 Oil and Gas discovery in July, 2012 which is producing 25 BOPD and 7 MMCFD gas, Shekhano-1 discovery made in August, 2012 that is producing 84 BOPD and around 17 MMCFD gas.
OGDCL has made Suleman-1 gas discovery in March, 2012 (Khewari Block) which is expected to produce 20 MMCFD of gas. Moreover, Oil and Gas discoveries were made by OGDCL in their Nashpa-2 and Nashpa-3 (appraisal wells). Nashpa-2 is expected to produce around 3370 BOPD and 11 MMCFD gas, whereas Nashpa-3 is expected to produce 3165 BOPD and 14.35 MMCFD gas.
Recently, M/S Eni has made gas discovery at Badhra-B North-1 located in Badhra Lease Area-B which is expected to produce around 25 to 35 MMCFD of the gas. M/S Pakistan Oilfields Ltd has made a discovery in their Meyal/Uchri Lease in Bela-1 well which will produce around 100 Barrels per day of condensate and 05 MMCFD of gas.


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