Blasphemous film: US should take action against those involved


Pakistan Muslim League President Senator Ch Shujat Hussain has said that the American blasphemous film amounts to showing worst type of disrespect to the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and it should be condemned in the strongest possible manner.
Talking to the journalists on Tuesday at his residence, Ch Shujat Hussain said that no sensible person could tolerate the manner in which disrespect had been shown for the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) in the film, no matter to which religion he belongs.
He said this was the reason that believers of all religions were strongly condemning this blasphemy film all over the world. He said a common man thinks that this film was against Islam, in fact, the way the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) had been portrayed in the film nobody could even imagine and tolerate that.
Ch Shujat Hussain said that the blasphemous film had nothing to do with the freedom of expression and in fact it was an open act of terrorism. He said such acts would threaten world peace and as such it was imperative that those responsible for this heinous and condemnable act should be treated as terrorists and given the harshest possible punishment.
He said in this respect, the United Nations, Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) and the US Government should take practical steps so that those trying to destroy the world peace might be exposed.
Ch Shujat Hussain said the government instead of merely lodging protest on paper should pressurise the USA for taking direct action.


  1. first of all you do not know the ABC of the US system if you have the audacity to say this, second:
    I believe it is extremely dangerous for the white house to imply that the violence is caused by the movie rather than the poor impulse control of violent people, as this would reinforce that behavior that we dont want to see. If Muslims learn that by being violent the US administration will try to arrest the offender/movie-maker by using some old criminal case, or that Google will take down the clip, there is a very high risk of having more violence from Muslims in the near future as you do not know what else they may find offensive and there you go again!

    • Christianity and Judaism have moderated their extreme behavioral and intolerant codes over the years (remember in the OT how the Hebrews killed all the women and children of the enemy and Christians launched Crusades and burned heretics at the stake or cut out blasphemers tongues?), but Muslims represent an extreme cultural lag and are still being brainwashed to expect anyone who doesn't cherish their gods and prophets should be executed. While one can understand why Muslims (extreme and mainstream) think and act like they do when an obscure video is released, it doesn't make it rational or right or in any way defensible in our global society.

  2. Press your alliance to urge American Govt. to arrest the film maker and termed him terrorist otherwise ambassador must be ousted within no time…..for The Sake of Allah and His Beloved Holy Prophet (S.A.W)

  3. If No action will be taken by The American, it will be established fact that Govt is itself background singer. American would be exclusively responsible to destroy the peace in the world and this move would not be ended or suppressed..

    • this movement of yours may interfere with your genocide of ahmadis, hindus and christians, so you may want to figure out who you want to kill first.

      • Teach ABC of moral values to Terry Jones, Sam Bacile and Steve Klein who know only the ABC of the US system. The A to Z of the US system is that the Americans think they know more than the rest of the world. Ahmadis, Hindus and Christians will not be able to find a safer place than Pakistan under the sky. Even the christian community in Pakistan has protested to the US. Forget about near future, presently we consider WTF offensive, so here you go again. Don't complain when your WTF is cyber-attacked by poor impulse-controlled violent people. The white house should first reinforce Obama, who is losing control of his nerves. By the way, why don't they name it the "black house" after Obama. Terry terrorists have put poor Oh!ba!ma! under so much pressure. Pray he doesn't have a nervous breakdown.

        • that really sounds delusional, safest place for minorities, really? its not even a safe place for people within the majority like shias leave alone minority, are you alright?

          • Wow! I am fine, and getting better by the hour. What "really sounds delusional"? By the way, are you also hearing me while reading my comments? This is an indication that you are being delusional. I repeat "Ahmadis, Hindus and Christians will not be able to find a safer place than Pakistan under the sky", and also in the hereafter. As for shias, my grandfather Syed Ghulam Abbas was a shia and he later on became a sunni because his sunni friends in Ilahabad (India) were very good to him. My sister's best friend's father is sunni and mother shia, and they have lived happily together for 40 years in Karachi. Those who are killing shias are not sunnis, muslims, or humans. You are both dis-informed and ill-informed and have only a media-view of Pakistan. I live in Karachi, where do you live? I'll not tell anybody.

  4. oh ok, Ramsha case (a minor with Down's syndrome), asia bibi (still in jail) , murder of the ahmadi shopkeeper( just yesterday), Paul Bhatti murder, forced conversion of hindu girls after kidnapping them, hindus asking for asylum in India , all must have happened in another country.

  5. Has anybody seen "Life of Brian" or "Elders of Zion"? These are two films very insulting to chritians and jews. It ran in theaters in US and EU. Sure, chritians/jews got offended. There were protests all over in US and in europe.
    A company in USA made toilet seat with hindu god Ganesh's picture on it. A US clothing company had a bikini with goddess Laxmi on it. Did we get offended? Did we protest? YES!!!
    Muslims can not expect to follow/respect their belief. What's next? No pork chops or alcohol on the airplane? Everybody should wear an ankle high pants and not shave?
    GET A LIFE!!!

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