Massive protests were held against the blasphemous anti-Islam movie all over the twin cities. The protesters burnt the US flag and raised slogans against India, US and Israel. They asked the government to ask the US consulate to leave the country and to punish all those who were involved in the making of the film.
According to details, a rally was taken out from sector I-11/4. The protestors marched through the surroundings of the Islamabad Sabzi Mandi and disturbed the flow of traffic.
They were holding banners and placards inscribed with slogans demanding the federal government to boycott the US on a diplomatic level. Those addressing the protest said no compromise would be made on any issue that was against Islam, the Holy Quran and Muhammad (PBUH).
They also urged the US government to hang the producer of the blasphemous film who had hurt the passions of the Muslim Ummah.


  1. Little do these mard-e-momins realise is that their angry reactions are EXACTLY what the film makers wanted to show the rest of the world! Congrats for foolishly falling into the trap AGAIN!

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