Parents protest DPS fee-hike, fund misusage


Parents of the students of Divisional Public School (DPS) have protested the increase in the school fee, use of school funds for the repair and maintenance of the Principal’s car and misbehavior of the school management with the students.
The parents held a protest demonstration in front of DPS Shamsabad under the Parents Action Committee auspices in which a large number of parents participated. They demanded from the Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Shahbaz Sharif to hold an inquiry into the misuse of school funds.
They also demanded from the CM to order the withdrawal of the increase in fees, while urging him that the school should be funded from the government budget like other government educational institutions.
The parents were holding banners and placards which were carrying slogans in favor of their demands. Later, the parents said that the hike in fee would not be tolerated at any cost and the district administration would be forced to take the decision back, as the parents could not pay such high fees. Moreover, they said, the principal was using the fees and school funds for his personal expenditures.
They called on the Punjab CM to hold an inquiry as to how the principal had bought a car worth at least Rs. 16 lakhs and how had he renovated his house so lavishly. They said everything could be put down in black and white if proper audit of school funds was carried out.