Influential, and after a journalist’s life


No action has so far been taken on the complaint lodged at the Sabzi Mandi Police Station by a senior journalist Zafar Iqbal Qazi, who is continuously receiving threats of dire consequences from influential people belonging to the land mafia.
Per details, the senior jounrlist associated with an independent news agency, had appealed to the Interior Minister A Rehman Malik to come to his rescue and had urged him to order the arrest of the influential people who were giving life threats to him and his family.
According to details, Qazi was going to Islamabad from Rawalpindi when he was intercepted by a white Corolla car on I.J Principal Road in the jurisdictions of the Sabzi Mundi Police Station the other day.
The police station concerned was notified in writing in this regard, however, neither did the police register a First Information Report (FIR), nor did they take action against the mafia members despite a lapse of more than one week.
A written complaint was also lodged with the interior minister who was urged to take action against the culprits, but no reply had so far been received in this regard.
The journalist had been receiving continuous life threats from the influential people.
He said that two armed persons came out of the car and threatened him that he and his family members would be killed if he did not withdraw the FIR against Mehtab Hussain.
He said that the armed persons also asked him to forget the Rs. 4 million which Hussain owed him as payment of a house of Qazi which was sold about three years back.
It is pertinent to mention here that Hussain purchased a house from Qazi in December 2009 in Afshan Colony, Rawalpindi Cantonment at a cost of Rs 5 million. However, he paid only Rs. 1 million in cash and handed over a cheque of Rs 4 million to the owner. In the meanwhile, Hussain took over the charge of the house by using the power of attorney, Qazi said.
The cheque which was given to Qazi proved a fake and bounced when it was presented in a bank. Thereafter, Qazi registered a case in the Pirwadhai Police Station on 26th June 2010 on the charges of fraud against Hussain. Later, Hussain was also declared a proclaimed offender by the court.
The police failed to arrest the accused due to pressure exerted on them by a political party.
Hussain and his accomplices had been threatening the journalist of dire consequences if he did not withdraw the FIR against him. They were also pressurizing the journalist to forget the Rs. 4 million.
Qazi had once again appealed to the interior minister to give an immediate order for an impartial inquiry against the culprits so that he would be able to get rid of the land mafia.