Flood fear looms large


Floods that were feared to submerge Jacobabad are still due primarily to 50 foot and 100 foot breaches in Noorwah canal at Tel and Sem Branch canal respectively. Flood waters were fast approaching the city and the land link with Balochistan was being severed. Evacuation of people began from Shahbaz Air Base and aircrafts were ready to fly away.
Meanwhile floods had wreak havoc and caused immense destruction in Kashmore, Shukarpur, Tangoni and other cities and areas forcing effected to take refuge on and along Indus Highway.
There was dearth of food and potable water and people forced to live under open skies have become easy prey to diseases. Effectees staged protest rallies in Kandhkot and blocked the National Highway by putting tyres on fire.
DCO Shikarpur said that floods everywhere were hindering aid works.
The situation was the same in Balochistan: Effectees were forced to drink dirty water. Eleven more bodies including that of a child who were carried away by floods had been recovered from Dera Murad Jamali during 24 hours. In Jafferabad, three more breaches were made to help lessen the ferocity of the flow of 70,000 cusec of water after which land link with Sindh was severed. In Punjab, Dera Ghazi Khan and Rojhan still remain submerged in flash floods. A village in the vicinity of Choti Zereen was drowned by the flash floods gushing from Suleman Mountain. Lives and well being of people was endangered by epidemic diseases. Khawaja Gahreeb Nawaz Trust was busy in aid activities in effected areas particularly D G Khan where it distributing food to hundreds of families.