Teachers refuse go to school, colleges on Sunday for dengue


Punjab Teachers Unions and Punjab Schools Staff Association declined to work on Sundays.
Per details, the representatives of the unions said that teachers would not go to schools on Sundays to campaign against dengue. They added that if government were to take action against any educationalist, teachers would boycott from schools throughout the province. They said that barring from a holiday on Sunday was against all laws and the provincial government was behaving like a college gang.
“We cannot work seven days a week. It is inhuman. We need rest too. It is the Health Department’s job to fight dengue, not the teachers. We are forced to go for walks and to distribute pamphlets in houses. Nations which do not respect their teachers cannot make any progress,” said Afia Majeed, a college professor.
“For the past 2 weeks we have not been getting our holiday on Sunday. The government does not pay us for working these extra days. Why should we show up?” said Farhanda Dogar, a lecturer.
“There are many female professors who are made to come on Sundays. How are they supposed to look after their homes if they will spend their entire week in their schools and colleges? This decision is ridiculous and we refuse to abide by it now,” Iqbal Ahmed, a school teacher, said.
“There is a limit to our patience and things have crossed it now. The government cannot force us to work on Sundays against our will. The humidity is so high and just to achieve political leverage, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif is using us for his fake show of strength,” said Gul-e-Rana Asghar, a political science professor, adding “Sharif brothers always destroy the Education and Health departments when they come to power. We are never voting for them again.”