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Scholars condemn inflammatory anti-Islam film

Peace and Harmony Network Pakistan chairpersons Bishop Dr Andrew Francis, Allama Muhammad Zubair Abid and coordinator Mr Javaid William have jointly condemned the inflammatory anti-Islam film that has triggered world-wide condemnation and rioting across the Muslim world.
In a joint statement on Saturday, they said that anti-peace and anti-human elements were still active to create disturbance with their nefarious designs to paralyse the worldwide peace and harmony. “We are against any provocation against any religion but we are also against bloody violence in reaction as this is also not favouring anyone,” they said.
“We absolutely reject content and message of the controversial Internet video,” Dr Andrew Francis said. “But I think all humankind should reject vengeance in greater interest of worldwide peace and also we need unity for a harmonious society,” he said. “We need to respect sentiments of all human beings,” he said, and pointed out that those who desire to live in peace must give all respects to others so that tolerance and forgiveness be promoted.
Peace and Harmony Network Coordinator Javaid William urged people from different faiths to restore compassion, respect and tolerance among one another so that the society might be called a balanced one. “We have to create an atmosphere where everyone may have religious freedom,” he said. “We must know that we are badly in need of interfaith and intra-faith harmony as ignorance is at its peak today,” he said.
Allama Zubair Abid, who is also chairman of the Pakistan Ulema Mushaikh Council, has asked the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Countries) to discuss aftermath of this reprehensible video issue in detail in an emergency meeting in which a law should be introduced for the promotion of peace and harmony worldwide. He said that this video was reprehensible for us but violence should also not be promoted in reaction.

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